Nashville Delta Distict

Competition Entry • Nashville, TN, USA • Spring 2014

The Delta District offers a fresh paradigm for urban growth by embracing the complexity of becoming both a local enclave and regional destination showcasing civic health and resilience. Through sensitive phasing of green infrastructure and mixed-use development, and a robust stance on the notion of “complete streets,” the Delta District draws international and national visitors, engages regional Nashvillians and establishes a standard for active local living. Whereas Nashville once maintained a rich urban fabric and connected civic life, it is now sprawling due to post-WWII suburbanization and auto-centric national policy. The new district recalls the civic qualities of Nashville’s historic public square and Printer’s Alley, promotes “livable city” ideals, and provokes a new generation of healthy and resilient city life.

Done In Collaboration with: Jon Hein, Hope Richardson, Eric Wong, Helen Yu,